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Teacher Trainee Statistics

Teaching and Non Teaching Staff
Number of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the current session:

  1. Academic Staff:
    • Senior Grade Lecturer - 2
    • Lecturer - 6
  2. Total Administrative Staff: 16

No. of Vacant Positions as on the date of last revision of website:

Sl No Academic Positions No. of Vacant positions
1 Principal/HOD 1
2 Professor 0
3 Associate Professor/Reader 0
4 Assistant Professor/Lecturer 9
5 Administrative Staff 7
6 Technical Staff 0
7 Professional Staff 0

Academic Staff as on January 2021

1 Dr. Junebirth A. Marak, M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., N.E.T., Ph.D.
  Principal I/c
2 Shri. Ebinal K. Marak, M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., N.E.T.
  Senior Grade Lecturer
3 Smt. Silte G. Momin
  Lecturer (Physical Education)
4 Smt. Zelda D. Sangma
  Lecturer (Education)
5 Smt. Grachi Ch. Sangma
  Lecturer (Zoology)
6 Smt. Presidha D. Shira
  Lecturer ( History )
7 Shri. Evangel Ch. Momin
  Lecturer (Fine Arts)
8 Smt. Rumki Ch. Sangma
  Lecturer (Education)

Administrative Staff as on January 2021

1 Shri. Ellindro G. Momin
  Head Assistant
2 Shri. Silseng N. Sangma
  Statistical Assistant
3 Smt. Mary Stella G. Momin
4 Shri. Bostone R. Marak
5 Smt. Siljanggi M. Sangma
6 Shri. Sengkhan R. Marak
7 Shri. Takeys Saljapang R. Marak
8 Shri. Chichang N. Marak
9 Smt. Christy Lyncer R. Marak
10 Smt. Tengrikchi R. Marak
11 Shri. Jimbu A. Sangma
12 Smt. Allensine Chitai S. Marak
  Laboratory Assistant
13 Shri. Victor M. Sangma
  Information and Communication of Technology Technician
14 Shri. Meghat M. Sangma
15 Shri. Wheeler T. Sangma
  Data Entry Operator
16 Shri. Nishang N. Sangma
  Data Entry Operator
17 Shri. Antonio R. Marak

Students on the Rolls of the Institution:

  1. Date of commencement of the current academic session – March 2021
  2. Mode of selection of students: Selected by Institution
  3. Whether entrance test is conducted by the institution/affiliating body/state govt. Yes. Conducted by the institution
  4. No. of students enrolled in the current academic session – 50
  5. Category-wise distribution of students:
Categories No. of Students
No. of Male Students 19
No. of Female Students 31
No. of students enrolled in SC category nil
No. of students enrolled in ST category 50
No. of students enrolled in OBC Nil
No. of students enrolled in unreserved category Nil
Total students in programme 50
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